Should you require support, there are several ways you can notify our team regarding your request.

Submitting a Service Request via the Agent Menu:

To access the Agent Menu, right-click the Helix Systems Monitoring Agent icon, then left-click Helix Systems Support.

On a PC:

On a Mac:

Your default web-browser will open our Helix Systems Support Portal, which can also be obtained by navigating to from any web-browser and from any computer that has an internet connection.

Here you will enter information that pertains to you and the issue you are having; such as Your First Name, Your Last Name, Your Work Email, Callback Number and Request Description. Please note that in order to successfully submit a service request, you must fill out all fields.

Upon completing the form, left-click onĀ Send, and you will be presented with a message confirming that your request has been successfully submitted.

2. Submitting a Service Request via Email:

You may also submit a service request by emailing our team of engineers at

3. Submitting a Service Request via Phone:

Just like submitting a service request via the Agent Menu or via Email, you may also call our engineers at (212) 365-7410 or toll-free at (888) 328-4359.

Click here for Support Tools for PC

Click here for Support Tools for Mac