In addition to providing support for your IT needs, here is a list of proactive services that we provide, and ways you can get the most of them to keep your computer safe.  Please note that this list will be constantly updated over time as we add more services.

Workstation Updates:

Helix Systems provides security updates and patches to your Windows and Mac computers for security updates, as well as third party applications like Java and iTunes. In order to ensure updates are completed, please leave your computer turned on before you leave at night. Please log off of your computer, so your computer will receive the proper updates and restart automatically if needed. If you leave your computer locked, you will receive hourly notifications to reboot your computer if an update requires a restart.

Computers that have been turned off for a long period of time will begin updating itself automatically when turned back on. It will take time to process it’s updates, and you may experience a decrease in performance during that time.

Workstation Security:

Helix Systems also provide security from malware and viruses using a suite of security tools provided by us. These applications run in the background, and do not require any user intervention.

Local Admin Rights:

In order to protect your computer from unknowingly installing viruses or malicious software, users will not have access to install or remove programs. While our proactive updates will eliminate the need to update most of your software, if you need to install or remove any programs from your computer, please contact us.

Remote Access to Your Workstation:

Helix Systems can also provide remote access to your computer using LogMeIn at $5 per user per month.  If you are interested in this, please put in a ticket with our team to request it.

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