1. From your home screen, open your app drawer > tap settings > tap accounts > tap add account:

2. Tap Exchange: 

*Note: Some Android devices may ask you to enter your credentials first, then ask you to select the mail protocol. Despite the method, always choose options with the following words (Exchange, Corporate, Work, ActiveSync, etc.)

3. Enter your email address, then tap Next:

4. Enter your password, then click Next:

*Note: If your device fails to auto-configure, you will be asked to manually enter some information. At this point, please reach out to Helix Systems for further support regarding your configuration.

5. Your device should auto-configure your mailbox settings, and you will be presented with the following screen.  Change Sync Emails From: – Last Week – to All - then tap Next to finish and save the configuration:

You have now configured your mailbox to your Android device.

*Note: At any point if you are asked to update your security settings, proceed by pressing words like (OK, Yes, Next, Accept, Done, Finish, etc.)