Multi-Factor Authentication
We are configuring your accounts to use Multi-Factor Authentication when accessing Office 365 or company Email.  Multi-factor authentication involves something you know (your username and password) and something you have (your mobile device).

You will need to download the Microsoft Authenticator application for your smartphone or tablet from your device’s app store.

Please download this app before continuing:

Apple Store Link: Apple Store Click Here
Google Play Link: Google Play Click Here

When prompted to allow application permissions for Notification and Camera, select allow.

Office 365 Enrollment:

Office 365 Multi-Factor Authentication has been enabled on your Office 365 account.  To get started, please click on the following link:

1. Once you log in you will be prompted to setup your Multi-factor authentication.  Click on Set it up now:


2. Under “How should we contact you?” Click on the drop-down arrow and Select Mobile App
3) Select "Receive notifications for verification", and click setup.

4.  Complete the steps on the following screen and click Next:

5. You will then be prompted to verify registration using the Microsoft Authenticator App. The App will prompt you to Approve or Deny the login. Please tap Approve on your device:

6. Enter a backup phone number.  This will be used to authenticate you if you do not have access to your mobile app. Click Done:

7. Next, you’ll receive an App Password. An app password is a password used to continue receiving email on your cellular device. The app password does not replace the password used to login to your services. Since your mobile device mail application doesn’t support multi-factor authentication you receive a password just to enter on that device. Update the email password used on your mobile device, with the generated app passwordYou don’t need to remember this password and you only need it when initially configuring your cell phone. If you get a new or replacement phone, Helix can assist with generating a new app password for that device.

Your email password on your device can be typically be updated by going into the account settings on your iOS or Android device and replacing the saved password with provided 16-character app password.

If you would like to avoid the use of an app password you can switch to the Microsoft Outlook application for email on your mobile device which properly supports MFA. The path taken is your choice and your decision on your mobile device.


8. In "How would you like to respond," select Alternate authentication phone, and enter your desk phone’s phone number. Click save.

9. Once MFA has been setup, your Microsoft Outlook on your Mac or PC in the next few hours will prompt you to enter your credentials and authenticate you via your Authenticator App.  The following screen will pop-up, enter your password and then check your mobile device for the approval prompt. Once approved you are done!


Any questions or concerns please reach out to the Helix Systems Support Team at any time via email or via phone at 212-365-7410