Helix and Network Support On call

    Call is received by On call service ( Metropolitan)

    Metropolitan will call Helix at 212 365 7410 and provide the client name & company, number and issue.

    Helix staff will call client and introduce themselves as Network Support 

    Helix will create ticket in their system which will feed into TNSC ConnectWise

    Helix users have a NSC email that they can use to email clients if needed.

Server alerts will be called into Helix same as client facing calls- Exception here is the Helix tech will reach out to Network Support Tech to work this issue ( need access to CW to drop Priority of ticket or else it continues to contact the On call Service )

The following clients have 24/7 server monitoring and you could get a call from the service giving at Ticket # for a server alert.  Call NSC Tech to work issue.

o    Core Commodity

o    ICR

o    Richards Paint

o    Titan Advisors

Parameters & Escalation guidelines:

    Respond to client within 1 hour

    Identify yourself from Network Support Company

    1.5 hour to work issue until completion

o    Upon that 1.5 hour if ticket is not close to being done, escalate to NSC on call resource

o    If Helix tech is not able to work the issue, they will immediately call NSC tech and they will open a screen sharing session and show Helix tech how to work this issue etc.  If it’s a skillset issue, then NSC will work the ticket.  Screen sharing is only if they struggle finding our documentation or navigation around some client information.

If Helix staff can’t reach the TNSC tech on call, they are to escalate and call the CSM (Client Success Manager) who is on call also.

An email will be sent out each Monday to let Helix know who the Tech and CSM on call are for that week.