TNSC sends the list of servers that will be serviced for the monthly/quarterly maintenance

The objective is to process the updates as scheduled, servers are located across different time zones

Monthly Maintenance

  • Login to the server (Jonas Datamart is inside their FP servers eg. ENTR-FP01)
  • Credentials to use:
    • Username: SITE-IAJONAS (eg. ENTR-IAJONAS
    • Password: Tr00n$tr0ng!
  • Stop the Data Mart interface then log out of the profile (CTRL+BREAK)
  • They have scheduled reboot of the servers but most of the time it doesn't reboot automatically & need to manually do it (can be done via Kaseya)
  • Make sure that the servers go back online
    • SITE-RA01
    • SITE-DC01
    • SITE-FP01
    • SITE-HO01
  • Note: If the SITE-HO01 doesn't come back up, sign in to it's iDrac and power it up (login to a workstation within the same network, access the iDrac by their subnet ending in .30 (UN/PW: tgdrac)
  • Once all the servers are up and running, log back in to SITE-FP01 and launch Jonas
  • Sign in to Jonas using the credentials below and start the Jonas Datamart Interface:
    System administration->System Setup->Club DataMart Interface
    • UN: datamart
    • PW: datamar1
  • Leave the interface running and lock the Windows session

Additional interfaces may need to be started as well

  • Import/Export
  • Galaxy
  • Imavex
  • Jonas-Hotel

Quarterly Maintenance

This covers updating the Jonas program to a newer software version as well as JAM updates to with their respective workstations Run these steps after rebooting the scheduled server.

TNSC Team copies the updater file to this location

  • D:\Data\Technology\Software\Jonas\(Jonas update version)

If the updated version is missing from the folder location, it needs to be copied from this folder:

  • \\corp-fp00\Data\Technology\Software\Jonas\Updates\Y2021 - Archives

Once copied, close all open files from Computer Management

Stop the following services:

  • CHO Service
  • CHO Jonas Service

  • CHO Jonas Proxy Service

End task the following applications:


Run the file and proceed with the install, everything is defaulted to it's proper location eg. Jonas Club 2020.1156

Confirm the install location:

Once you get this Window, it means that the installer has successfully ran without any interference

When the installation is done, launch Jonas to update the database, this may take a while so have patience


Once the Jonas program update is completed, head on to this file location:


Run the Setup.exe file to start updating the JAM program, click Next then Install

Click OK on this prompt

Click Ignore on this prompt

Then click on Finish. 

Relaunch Jonas Activity Management and confirm the update version (most current: as of 08/20

You will be prompted to update the database on the server, click OK

Once the Database server update completes, you'll get directed to the login screen (this completes JAM update)