Currently the dashboard authentication functions via Freshdesk Auth. This means that anyone who has a Helix Systems Freshdesk account can log in. 

Agents automatically have logins so they have admin access to the dashboard.

For Client users, the activation steps are as follows:

1. Go to Contacts

2. Search for your contact

3. On that contacts page, click the Send Activation button

The user will then receive an email from Helix Systems Support to complete their registration. This will take place on the Freshdesk Support Portal domain. Once they complete their registration, they will be signed into the support portal. From there, you can let them know to navigate to and use the freshly created credentials to sign in. Their scope is automatically limited to their organization based on their Freshdesk account.

To check if a user already has an account and has signed in the past, you can either

a. Navigate back to the contact page. The Send Activation Email button will be gone.

b. If the user has previously signed into the dashboard, they will be shown in the users table on this page. 

To reset a user password, navigate to the contact page and click the Change Password button.

If the user needs access to all company tickets please follow these steps

Click the [Edit] button on the Contacts page:

Scroll down to the company information and click the [Ticket] button to give them access to all tickets in the portal for their company.