Microsoft Outlook Cannot start

If a user gets this error when executing outlook. Please perform the following method (VDI only).

1. In the search bar type Access work or school.

                a. Or click Start/settings/accounts/click access work or school.

2. Highlight and click disconnect. fig.1

3. Pop up with a message to verify disconnect, click yes. Fig 2

4. Close everything.

5. Next click Windows key + R or Type Run in the search bar.

                a. Type: outlook.exe /resetnavpane

                b. click ok

                c. Then follow the prompts to connect the user to the outlook mailbox.

                d. Have the user enter the Password. MFA will contact the user to verify.

                e. The next step is important.

                i. We do not want windows to remember accounts for outlook or teams.

                ii. Click on "No, sign in to this app only".

6. Window will close out and try to open windows

                a. Sometimes the pop up will appear with the error message

                b. Just click ok and have the user open outlook again

                c. Done for outlook

7. Then open Teams and follow the process

8. Click on "No, sign in to this app only". 

OPTION 2 - Recreated the Outlook Profile

1. Disconnect the user from access work and school in method 1.

                a. Once disconnected closeout. 

2. Windows key + R then type control 

3. Click on Mail (outlook 2016) 

                a. Click on show profiles. 

                b. Add profile. 

                c. Add a new profile name (username/work) and click ok. Fig1 

                d. Auto account will pop-up. Have the user fill out the info, click next. Fig 2 

                e. Have the user enter the Password. MFA will contact the user to verify. Fig3

                f. Allow my organization to manage my device and click ok, done, and then finish.

4. Have the user open outlook.

                a. if Outlook fails again, escalate to Wheels up 

WheelsUp Escalation Number 859-888-9394