Big Sur update has been "Released" for all clients. This means that if they would like to update their computer to Big Sur they're free to do so. 

However, the update isn't being forced onto them via force install script after hours (some clients are and this is being coordinated). Or "force the update restart after 3 failed attempts".

This does mean they will get Helix notifications to install the update and to restart the computer. The schedule of that can be seen below.

Within Addigy for each Helix Client, there is a "System Updates tab".

This tab indicates the deployment schedule.

Brooklyn Data's deployment schedule is listed below.

  • System updates are not shown within the App Store. (Users cannot open the app store and install an update. However, it will appear under system preferences.)
  • The prompt of installing an update that requires a restart or shutdown is prompted every 2 hours.
    • These updates include large OS updates 10.15.7 -> 11.3.1
    • Minor OS updates. 10.15.6 -> 10.15.7
    • This does not include safari and security updates.
  • If no user is currently logged into the device the update will automatically happen.
  • All other restart and shutdown settings are disabled currently.